L ロングタイプ〈左右兼用〉『温度コントロール』演奏者用手袋《意匠登録出願中》【GLOVES FOR PIANIST】 Outlast technology ≪Temperature Control≫ Long

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☆新発売 演奏者用手袋 『温度コントロール』 左右兼用 ロングタイプ


肘上まで長さのある ロングタイプ〈左右兼用〉『温度コントロール』演奏者用手袋






NASAのために開発された温度調節素材、アウトラスト® テクノロジーを使用。






・サイズ選びの目安 ※商品写真内に参考画像があります。




品質表示 レーヨン 35.3% 綿26.5% アクリル26.5% ナイロン9.1% ポリウレタン2.6%

※Outlast technologies Inc.OUTLAST is a registered trademark of Outlast Technologies,Inc.
Covered by issued U.S.and foreign patents and patents pending.



I made it based on the voice that the forearm is tired.
☆ new launch performer gloves 『 temperature control』 left and right dual long type

Color: Black
Size: L
※There are logos on both sides.

Elbow long type〈 left and right 〉『 temperature control』 performer gloves

It fits the hand, wrist, and forearm length up to the elbow, and comfortably supports the hand while playing. It is both left and right, and has a temperature control function, and works to improve coldness and fatigue during performance.

Long-type gloves were developed from the voice that I was concerned about fatigue in the forearm during long practice and performance. It is packed with commitment and technology for the performer, and combines comfort and functionality.

・Focused on the fatigue reduction of the forearm and made
・Performer gloves that can be used both left and right for ease of play and ease of use
・It is not separated for the left hand for the right hand.
 For each hand, the fit can be used unchanged.
・Produced with an emphasis on ease of play

The seamless hole garment method without sewing makes the fit smooth、We pursued further ease of use.

The forearm is also comfortably supported and works to reduce fatigue. Covers cold and pain, keeps warmth. The warmth continues because it always works to keep the comfortable temperature.

Uses the temperature control material, Outrust® technology, developed for NASA. Because it works to keep the temperature that the human always feels comfortable、 It works to improve the stiffness and pain of the hands that come from the cold, and gently protects the hands and wrists.

Due to the thin knit product, it fits snugly when put in your hands.

―Outlast® technology―
It is a material that tries to cool the skin when it is hot, works to warm the skin when it is cold, and tries to make the hot and cold "just right. The microcapsules contained in the fibers absorb excess heat from the body when it is hot, and release the stored heat when it is cold, so that they work directly on the surface temperature of the human skin itself, not on the outside temperature or the internal temperature、 We try to create an ideal comfortable environment that is not too cold.

The most advanced temperature control material that tries to control much more comfortably. Whether in the hot summer or in the bitter cold of midwinter, we will work to keep the temperature that humans feel most comfortable (31℃〜33℃).

・Cold measures
・Measures against fatigue of hands, wrists and forearms
・In order not to cool down in the waiting time before production
・When you practice, when you warm up
・When playing in the outdoor live
・For everyday care

※No seams, excellent fit, smooth feeling like sucking.Light and stress-free feel.

・Size selection guide There is a reference image in the product photo. It is recommended to have a size that fits perfectly so that there is no loosening on the hands and wrists.

・With all your fingers attached and aligned, put a ruler in a straight line from the base of your thumb to the little finger side after all, and measure the length of the width. Please measure the size of your left and right hand.

M size: about 8.5cm or less
  L size: about 9~ about 10.5cm
  2L size: about 10.5cm or more
※Since the size of the hand has individual differences, please refer to it as a guide.

It is a product that many people want to use.

Quality indication Rayon 35.3% Cotton 26.5% Acrylic 26.5% Nylon 9.1% Polyurethane 2.6%
Made in Japan

※Outlast technologies Inc.OUTLAST is a registered trademark of Outlast Technologies, Inc. Covered by issued U.S.and foreign patents and patents pending.
※There are individual differences in the comfortable temperature and feeling.

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